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Stay ahead of cash flow management with Credit America.

If you or your staff is spending too much time or effort trying to manage and collect receivables, then it’s time to work with Credit America. Put our trained staff and proven letter series recovery systems to work for you before investing more time or hiring more staff to trim your accounts receivables. 

If less than 70% of your accounts are current; or if your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) exceeds 40 days; and/or you have high balances that are 60- to 90-days past due, we can help. 

I was amazed to see that you have recovered over 83% of the accounts we have submitted to Credit America. Not only is your Cash Flow Management service effective, it also gets immediate results. When we turn an account over to you, we know the money will be here soon.
— Sporting Goods Manufacturer

Let us help you with a modern approach to the age-old problem of credit management for $13.50 per 100 accounts purchased.

  • Receive payments directly from your customer or patient.
  • With a stronger bottom line, you can focus more on what you do best -- your core business operations.
  • Recover more on past-due accounts, notes, and contracts without comprising future business.
  • Volume pricing discounts apply.

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Getting started is easy! Contact us today or Call Drew Now At 1-(267)-566-8215  and  learn how to save up to 35% on internal billing costs.

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